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How much time sleep a baby?

how much time sleep a

When Mateus born, I thought he would sleep all day, but it was not so. With so much doubt, I decided to search about the sleep routines for babies. Today, I share with you how long sleep babies according to age.

  Sleep Routine

In the first three months, babies sleep an average of 3 hours in a row (even at night).  They sleep an average of 16 hours a day. Around 4 months, babies start to sleep 12 hours in a row at night. The first time that Mateus slept 12 hours straight, we picked a shock because we had no idea if he was okay. I, the owl mom was always looking at him and see if he was breathing.

The routine of 12 hours will decrease slowly over the years until an average of 8 to 10 hours of sleep by night.

Don't forget that babies aren't all the same, so, it's normal that the sleep routine of your baby may not be the same.

How is sleep routine of your baby?

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how much time sleep a



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