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18 Brilliant Phrases That Will Give Confidence To Your Child

18 Brilliant Phrases That Will Give Confidence To Your
Raising a child isn't an easy task, but there are always tips that help us in the most difficult tasks. We must teach and educate our children from little ones, for when they grow up they can be good men and good women. For your child don't have trust issues, or to stop to have, I share with you 18 Brilliant Phrases That Will Give Confidence To Your Child.

1# Good job! Thank you for having done that.

When you ask your kid to help you to do something, or he, on his own initiative arrange something is a good time for you to use this phrase. Even if he did something he should, such as putting away toys, however, simple it is, you should always compliment and thank. You gonna do with that you have a happier and motivated child to help you. 

2# Very well. I'm proud of you!  

You can use this phrase as the phrase # 1. Also, you can use it whenever your child learns something new, brings the school notes or participate in any activity. Imagine when your child comes home and tells you learned a new song, that at school helped a friend, this is a good time to you saying how proud you are!

3# That was very cute!

Children can be very rebels, but you also know that they are super cherished when they want. When your kid has a more kind gesture with their friends, with grandparents or with you, praises and give him/her a bear hug!

4# Fantastic! Thank you for doing what I asked you!

When my mother commanded me to do something I never did. I didn't like taking orders and still don't like! I've always said and I say if the person asks me, all right, I do willingly. The same applies to our children. When you ask them to put away toys, to put clothes in place and they do, say thanks. By appreciating your kid , they will make things more comfortable and in the future, even you'll need to ask. appreciated children end up doing things on their own.

 5# Wow! You were fantastic!

This phrase can be used on several occasions. After a football game, after making a puzzle , after helping you on something you can use this phrase. When they learn or do anything you can always tell them "Wow! You were fantastic!". 

6# You know what? You're a great kid!

As in all other phrases that I showed you, this expression can and should be used on many occasions. A loving gesture, a gesture of solidarity, or before good night sayings, you can always say "You know what? You're a great kid".

7# I really liked what you did.

Children have the gift to surprise us and often we forget to praise or thank. If you let someone pass ahead of you in the supermarket queue you like that giving thank you right? Children are no different, so when our children do something good we must praise them.

8 # See just what you achieve! 

Each step is important, and with it come the evolution and growth of our children. When for example we started teaching our son how to put together a puzzle, it is likely to take some time to get finish it alone. Each time that they can make a new thing alone, or have a good note, or do something important, you can use this phrase.

9# What a good decision you have taken!

Sharing a toy with friends or siblings is a good example worthy of this sentence.

10# Thank you for having done this without asking you.

We all like to be surprised, right? If one of these days your child does something that you need without even having asked, say thanks, this way.

11# Thanks for your help! I love you!

As I said the previous sentence, say thanks to your child for something that they were done and at the end tells them how much you love them.

12# One step at a time. You get it!

Learning English, learning to ride a bike, learn to dance or anything else that is important to our children, we must motivate them. In addition, to helping them to get what they want and overcome important stages of life, it is essential to motivate them.

13 # I know it's something new for you - you will get.

When children try to do something new and fail, often they get upset because they couldn't. But this also happens with us, the adults. It is very important to talk to our children and show them that they are able to do everything so that they do not give up. For me, this is something essential, in order to when they become adults they are adults and don't give up at the first difficulty.

14 # I love your creativity!

We all know how kids can be creative, whether the answers at the ready, whether the things they do every day. Whether to draw, whether to play you can use this phrase because creativity is essential to differentiate ourselves in life and it's a shame to lose it.

15# Thanks for sharing

Even in babies when they begin to eat the first food, our children begin to offer us food, and often offer to our pets as well. Sharing is something that should also be taught by parents since babies so that later they don't become selfish children and future adults .

16# Don't give up, you can do it!

As I said in sentence # 13 is essential to encourage our children to continue to try even if they have some difficulty. No one likes to hear "Never mind, you'll never be able to do it" right? So let's motivate our children!

17 # I'm very proud of you!

This is a phrase that should be said every day so our children will never forget. Many of us have never heard this from our parents, and we feel an emptiness because of that, isn't it? So don't let's let our children go through the same, and maybe one day they repay us with the same phrase.

18# I love you ❤️

Such as telling our children that we are very proud of them daily, we must tell them also that we love them,daily. It is good to love and be loved.

Mateus has eight months, that is he don't mean basically anything, but every day I say I love you. Now that he is trying to crawl I'm always saying "go ahead you can do it." This week he managed to crawl a little forward, and I was all pleased, told him that mummy is very proud and much more. Yes, I know he still doesn't understand what I say, but he smiles and I'm super happy.

For you remember of these phrases I leave you here a free printable so that you may keep in Pinterest or you can download it for free.

18 Brilliant Phrases That Will Give Confidence To Your


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